The Atypical Political is a typical political blog containing the controversial musings of a pillow philosopher, writer, musician, former pub manager and financial journalist called Jen. It started out as a joint project with her trollish friend Jack, but he dropped off like an old skin tag. They became friends, after graduating from the same university, through a shared love of inflaming political debates much to the dismay of many social media acquaintances. Jen thrives on open discussion and healthy disagreement. Aggressive debates get her heart pounding a bit too much but she’s working on it.

Jen ijenheads a sucker for literature, comedy and cinema (and some other, less mentionable stuff too). She was born in Russia to Russian parents who then subsequently moved her to the USA for ten years. Just as she was getting used to it there, they mercilessly dragged her to Switzerland where she was forced, poor thing, to learn French and to live another ten years in a safe and comfortable environment. She then moved to London under the pretense of studying a rather silly degree in music, but secretly just because she liked Monty Python and the Beatles and everything cliché about the Brits. She soon found out that the clichés were more or less true, and decided to stay*. Her “firmly held beliefs” tend to gravitate around advocacy for the devil, veering towards a libertarian left with a sprinkle of traditionalism. (Being Russian and obsessed with the past, and all.)

*Years later, she now has to say these old values are dying out rapidly before her very eyes. She is dismayed to see this.

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