The latest “conspiracy theory” to become reality

We are headed towards an infantile revenge-harpie dictatorship. And there is now precedent for debate around any draconian political decision backed up by cold scientific data to be forcibly suppressed.

My prediction, or rather, observation of the present:

We are headed towards an infantile revenge-harpie dictatorship. And there is now precedent for debate around any draconian political decision backed up by cold scientific data to be forcibly suppressed.

Look at us. We exist during the safest era in human history and yet we are petrified by every little thing. Life was already getting boring before 2020, but the new regime really takes the cake. Today’s headline, “Burglars made to wear GPS tags in world-first scheme to crack down on ‘neighbourhood’ crimes” (from Sky), has caused the following pent-up brain discharge to leak all over my blog.

The precedent has now been set for banning or “moderating” almost any debate around topics backed up by scientific consensus. So, when these dystopian tracking devices are “proven” to reduce crime (at the expense of people’s dignity) then they can easily be applied to anyone we deem a danger to society, and are unquestionably a force for good. Right?

Either keep the poor sod in jail or set him free. Or at least don’t pretend it’s a 12-month sentence if it’s actually 24 months, with half the term on parole. Whether you reoffend or not, it’s screamingly obvious that your freedom is compromised with a GPS tag on your ankle. By the way, today, it’s petty thieves; tomorrow it’s wolf-whistlers. Then it’s a lockdown breaker.

And I won’t hear the usual claptrap about being robbed – never would I at any point dream of humiliating and repressing somebody for the sake of my safety. Ever. Similarly so with covid. Until this cold, anti-human and pro-science “advice” entered mainstream ideology through heavy-handed propaganda, nobody in their right mind would have demanded that their neighbour suspend his entire life for their own sake. Would you? I don’t recall ever blaming a natural disaster, such as an infectious disease, on somebody’s hypothetical dinner party. Let’s stop attributing all the pain we’ve endured over the past year to the pandemic – that has been real enough for many who lost dear ones. But the vast majority have suffered from political decisions imposed by sickeningly risk-averse rulers, their scientific advisers working, unelected, from the shadows, and their fawning cult followers.

The worst part is, it’s the people who are calling for zero risk policies, not even a malevolent dictator. At least those guys used to bring the people together in their common oppressed plight. No, it is actually normal folks calling for tyranny. Please! Protect us from feeling uncomfortable. Put police officers in our night clubs (if they will ever open again, that is) and on our streets. No, wait! We don’t feel safe with police officers either. Hmm, let’s classify any minor form of sexual harassment as a punishable crime, further crippling communication between the sexes. Oh, no! A natural disaster has struck in the form of a virus, thankfully we found out early on that it has a relatively low mortality rate. But we must stop everything, make socialising illegal for the first time ever in human history, for this hidden danger lurks in every corner. We are the safest we have ever been, and yet we demand more safety.

It’s not even through cunning propaganda, though that has certainly helped. It is through excess comfort, excess convenience softening our heads. The only difficulties and pain some seem willing to accept in life are exams and work deadlines. Everything else must be streamlined, simple, and most importantly safe. Has this shopping cart been sanitised? How dare this undesirable man enter my personal space. My consumption of the public forum that is the world wide web must be free of hurt feelings. This cardboard box in the corridor is a trip hazard. Thank goodness there are security guards in these night club toilets! Let’s install more CCTV inside our apartment blocks. My hotel abroad needs to be certified food safe. For god’s sake, we are worse than Ned Flanders.

And at the same time, we are childishly blind to actual risks, like taking an Uber with a total stranger or renting our flats to online randomers. Funny enough these risks come with new, highly profitable technologies, so they’re not so much in question (or at least not until something happens, which it was obviously bound to) as basic human activities.

You think perpetrators of actual crime will see your online awareness campaigns and change their ways? All this political hysteria does is weaken our social fabric and give more opportunities to actual criminals – including those at the head of massive corporations, who feed off our fears like man-sized leeches.

Dropping birth rates have also, in my opinion, exacerbated this fear fetish, as women have fewer babies – in particular male ones – that force them to grow up and realise the sheer simplicity and harmlessness of the male mind. Those 70’s ladies who had babies in university were infinitely tougher, could stand up to male bullying without batting an eyelid or complaining to HR. This applies also to men, many of whom don’t “become a man” until later in life through fear of upsetting somebody, or because the life force has been stomped out of them by “toxic masculinity” sloganeering harpies.

These infantile humans practically force authorities to impose ever more tyrannical regulations, like helicopter parents who can’t let their children cry or struggle for even one second.

I am exhausted. I know you might say, stop following the news if it upsets you so much! Go out and do something. Fat chance! I am reminded of this mass psychosis everywhere I go. Read a book, then? I like science fiction and satire. Everything I touch reminds me of the ever-accelerating demise of our freedom, so aptly predicted and depicted by geniuses past, yet never quite so grotesquely childish as we are seeing now…

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