The State of Debate Today

Let it be known that I have just interrupted the watching of one of the most infuriating videos in my life to write this rant. Dr Michael Davidson, gay cure therapist, sits calmly on Good Morning Britain and tries to explain his point of view to three blistering, blithering morons drowning in their own bile at having to stomach alternative views.

Firstly, the gay cure guy elucidates the difference between the words “aberration”, which he used to describe homosexuality, and “abomination”, a misquotation from the presenters – which trash-talking idiot #1 blatantly disregards and, unforgivably to his journalistic career, reduces to the same meaning. No one listens to the unpopular doctor for longer than ten seconds and he is doomed to the role of dog shit under Pier Morgan’s shoe, of which he is repetitively reminded whenever he tries, surprisingly calmly, to get a word in edgeways.

Now the only reason they permit themselves to act thus is because he is expressing an opinion entirely prohibited by the Western world’s latest gospel. They claim secularity, but every people needs a deity. Victimhood is the new religion – victimhood and its very select categories of people. (Whatever happened to “you can’t put me in a box, man!”?) The reign of the underdog has finally arrived, and they are relishing in it by abandoning all semblance of human reason and barking like hounds at any noise that dare go against their righteous commandments:

– Thou wilt adore and subtly encourage homo- and transsexuality

– Thou wilt not question the depressed

– Thou wilt fight always for a vague notion of Robin Hood socialism (no further education needed)

– Thou wilt constantly read racism into any white person’s words – anything they say or don’t say can be held against them

– Thou wilt unfailingly talk to people in exactly the way they demand to be talked to

– Thou wilt descend into blind rage at the sight of anyone who defies one of these commandments

Morgan goes beyond anything I have seen on TV, no matter how trashy. He actually asks the gay cure guy, who used to be gay himself, how many men he’s screwed. He ends with “shut the fuck up”, even though the psychologist had simply been attempting to answer the questions he was asked. Way to make your enemy look better than you, guys. I can not compute how anybody of sound mind can watch this and root for the bullies… for that is what it is. Pure bullying. Though the victim takes it rather stoically, they tear him to shreds nonetheless in the most high schoolish way possible. So three cheers for the era of intentional miscommunication, ear-stuffing and proverbial humming in one’s own echochamber of preconceptions.

Now I am aware that this rant will automatically make it seem that I am a proponent of conversion therapy and probably in love with the stuffy old doctor. In fact, I do believe that homosexuality is fine and can bring as much happiness as being straight. It just so happens, though, that not everyone owes it to me to share that opinion, and it also seems that Dr Davidson is intellectually leagues ahead of the people he’s talking to. I only mention this because it’s painfully obvious, and the fact that people refuse to acknowledge it, and that the freaking Guardian reported on the show in such a weird, twisted and plain stupid manner – I am simply bewildered. I couldn’t watch it all in one go. It hurt too much to see such an utter caricature play out on television to millions of righteous nods of approval from left wing loonies.

Why, Piers? Why so triggered? In a nutshell, what the gay cure guy says is this:

He offers a service to those who wish to quell their homosexual urges, for religious (or more likely reproductive) reasons. He believes that most cases of homosexuality are not innate, but picked up. An “aberration”, in biology, means “a characteristic that deviates from the normal type”. This is a completely neutral definition used in a neutral way by a doctor in his scientific report. As I’ve covered in a previous article, there is nothing wrong with such deviations, and no one, but no one, is advocating for persecuting people, or disregarding them, or discriminating against them. As always, the left is in way over its head on an intellectual level and attributing false meanings to perfectly neutral words. Instead of out-debating the guy they disagree with, they denigrate (oops, does using that word make me racist?) him to the very marrow of his being by attributing malevolent hidden meanings to his words. Maybe he is bigoted, but how will we know unless we try to have a conversation? Let me see…

Bigot, n. A person who is intolerant of those holding different opinions.

Bigot, n. A person who is intolerant of those holding different opinions.

Bigot, n. A person who is intolerant of those holding different opinions.

Oh, my god. If the dictionary is right and its contents still untouched by the thought police, then doesn’t it seem here like… I don’t know… three out of four people in this clip are so bigoted they can’t even let “those holding different opinions” speak?

I would gladly listen to a debate between two intelligent people (I would die to see Camille Paglia debate a gay cure therapist) on whether homosexuality can be reversed or whether such a procedure should ever be attempted. It is true that science has not yet figured out how much of one’s sexual orientation is predetermined, and therefore this theoretically allows the existence of at least two equally valid but opposing theories, one of which has recently been categorically deemed taboo.

I personally think conversion therapy should never be forced on anyone, but if it is voluntary, then what’s the harm? Why should having a discussion about it endanger the fate of every single gay person in the country? Stifling ideas gives them the warmth and humidity needed to grow, like bacteria. Stifling ideas makes things turn nasty from the inside.

As long as no one is punished for their lifestyle (except serial killers and such like), there should be no danger in speaking one’s mind about a matter as long as said mind stays open and flexible to alternative viewpoints. Unfortunately, this is impossible to accomplish, for intelligence is, very likely, innate (wink wink). With a vast majority of people, either you’re with them or you’re against them – if you dare question their principles, then be prepared to confront a cold, hard wall of obfuscation.

If you are going to gauge someone’s intellect, I say hit tactically for the delicate subjects. The result does not lie in whether they believe the “right” thing or not, but how they make their case, and how they respond to devil’s advocate arguments. There is no better way, in my experience, to find the right people to spend your time with; be they white, black, trans, gay, or manic depressive.

Smart people are lurking in the shadows. They will talk if need be, but most of all, they listen, they absorb. Eventually, rather than picking a side, they will have a general overview of all sides and will be able to communicate confidently, knowing that there is no right answer to any purely ideological debate and never has been.

Highlight of the video: “Well I think it’s offensive… but that’s just me personally.” Well done for playing into every snowflake stereotype with every fibre of your being, you flamboyantly bearded moron. Honestly, this clip is truly the worst (and best) caricature of modern left wing hideousness.

Note the title of the video: Piers Morgan CHALLENGES Doctor’s Claims. Problem is, telling someone to STFU and die is not called challenging. It’s called bullying, and requires zero mental effort.

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