Why LGBT Pride Month is (mostly) Bullshit.

by guest contributor Jack Baldwin

Why are you proud of your sexuality?

It seems this is the guise the LGBT movement uses to hide their real ulterior motives. Before moving on to what the movement is really trying to accomplish, allow me to go along with its poor alibi. I can agree that no one should be ashamed of anything in their identity which they have no control over (although that is apparently still up for debate, just ask my favourite person), but pushing that we should actually be proud of our sexuality or gender is a bit too much of a stretch, even for me, with my extremely socially liberal tendencies (ha, ha).

Allow me to break this down using homosexuality as an example. You are proud of being gay. If you are a man, you are proud of the fact that the chemicals in your brain react to external stimuli, let’s say an attractive man, and subsequently send blood to your penis, causing an erection. You’re essentially proud of a perfectly natural human bodily function. You may as well be proud of taking a shit.

I’ve always believed that one should only be proud of what one has achieved. It is justifiable to be proud of finally passing your driving test after four attempts, or finally earning that pay rise, or even something as simple as plucking up the courage to go out on a Saturday night and work on overcoming your anxiety. Sexuality however, is not an achievement, just as the colour of your skin, or nationality, or gender is not an achievement.

There is also lots to be said about the toxicity of attributing different amounts of pride and virtue into different protected characteristics, of which the individual has no control over. It is the driving factor behind the cancerous identity politics of years gone by, as well as today.

I do have a long lost friend of a friend (definitely not me…) who happens to be bisexual. He tells me he did not choose his sexuality, he is not proud nor ashamed of it, and that coming out as a conservative has given him much more hate than coming out as bisexual. There are more like him that will tell you the same thing.

It’s a political movement pretending to be a social movement.

There is no better example of this than the recent LGBT pride march that swiftly became an anti-Trump #Resist march, wherein the POTUS’s hollywood star was defaced, and several speakers touted anti-Trump rhetoric to the crowd. A confusing phenomenon for me, given that Trump is the first US president to enter office in favour of same sex marriage, has expressed support for the LGBT community in his incredible speech after the Orlando shooting, has flown the LGBT flag during his presidential campaign and even allowed Bruce Jenner to use whichever bathroom he so pleased in Trump tower.

One of the biggest lies touted by the LGBT movement is that they are an inclusive and tolerant bunch. You’d think that to be an individual the LGBT movement cares about, you’d have to be any combination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. But no, you have to be far more qualified than that. You must also have the right opinions, support the right politicians and never dare question any aspect of the LGBT agenda. Failure to live up to these standards will result in censorship, castigation and being banned from taking part in LGBT marches and conversations. The consensus seems to be that, if your social identity aligns with any of the LGBT acronyms, there is a set menu of suitable ideas to choose from. Any deviations from this menu is to be seen as blasphemy, and the perpetrator is to be banished from the LGBT community with post haste.

For me, the idea that your social identity is, or should be, tied to your political opinions is inherently discriminatory. Just imagine how the conversation would go if you were to tell anyone what their political affiliations should be depending on personal characteristics out of their control:

“You’re a woman. Your opinions should be this…”

“Ummm, isn’t that sexist?”

“You’re black. You’re opinions should be this…”

“Ummm, isn’t that racist?”

I feel like I’m beating this to death now, but this is once again another controversy that will be solved if we were to adopt individualism. We should stop judging people as collectives. We should stop judging people as ‘communities’. It is absolutely insulting and degrading for someone to be spoken to like their opinions have already been assigned to them by the group you have divided them into.

We’re all the same! Except we’re very, very, very different.

Once upon a time, I thought it was a great idea to show the masses that homosexuals and bisexuals are no different to you or anyone else. We are all human beings with our own individual personalities, hopes and dreams. Some of us just happen to be attracted to the same sex. I still do think this is a great idea, the LGBT community, however, does not.

Nowadays, the LGBT community seems intent on showing the world just how different they are. This would be fine, if the differences being pushed were not constantly attempting to stretch, and subsequently overstep the boundaries of human civility. You’ll find that while a hefty majority have no problems with anyone being LGBT, a hefty majority do have some reservations with full frontal nudity, sexual acts, bondage and BDSM paraphernalia, all in public and often in the presence of children.

Yes, this side of it may well be in the minority. However I have only seen condemnation from parties that have subsequently received condemnation in return from the LGBT community. Yes, it seems that those pushing the degeneracy argument are often coming from a bigoted background, but while I hate to say it, they make some important points too.

Can we go back to focussing on our commonalities, rather than our differences? That seemed to work a lot better. Or at the very least, stop alienating people for not being a fan of this odd part of LGBT culture. We don’t care that you’re gay, but we do care that you’re promoting sexual messages to our kids.

Not all doom and gloom

In my opinion, there are a few good reasons to celebrate. The fact that the western world has come so far in such a short time is incredible. Homosexuality and same sex marriage is no longer illegal, and for the most part homosexuality is widely acceptable – this is the answer to give me if I ask why you support LGBT pride. However, if you do not denounce the absurdity outlined above at the same time, then I will not take you seriously. If LGBT pride would drop the nonsense and focus on the good reasons to celebrate, it would no longer be bullshit, and I will happily celebrate with you.

For additional bonus points, if the LGBT community could focus more on the plight of homosexuals worldwide, that would be great. There are currently 10 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. These are: Yemen, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and United Arab Emirates. This is absolutely abhorrent. Could we possibly do something about it? Organise some protests perhaps, and raise awareness? I dare say that pretending we’re all terribly oppressed in the West while parading around in barely any clothing, consuming unholy amounts of alcohol/drugs and accusing others of being hateful if they dare disagree with any part of it, is not doing much for those around the world that are envious of your freedom to do so.

5 thoughts on “Why LGBT Pride Month is (mostly) Bullshit.”

  1. I love this post. I agree full on that sexuality isn’t something to be proud of, it’s not like we choose it. The same goes for gender. Although I’m technically a part of the LGBT community (I’m bisexual), I would never a take part in any of the Pride Parades. I think that they started off something entirely different from what they are today. I can see why they were created considering LGBT folks needed things back then, like the right to marry, but they are just a way to draw attention. The parades are useless. I also want to say that I love how you threw in the lack of inclusion and choice in the LGBT community. When it comes to bisexuals, we’re pretty alienated in the community. We’re still seen as confused and greedy, even within the community! It’s ridiculous. There’s more examples of it, but I don’t want to speak on anything that I have never experienced. And I also agree full-on that the Pride events are merely ways to speak on political issues in mass numbers. I don’t know why there’s this idea that being LGBT comes with political ideology, but it’s moronic. Lastly, since my comment is long enough as is, I just want to say that you’re so right that there’s no reason for LGBT people to make themselves as different as possible, or to flaunt their sexuality. It’s part of why I personally ever even speak about my bisexuality in casual conversation. I don’t hide it per say, and it is kind of a big part in my life, but there’s no reason to constantly make it known.
    I just wanted to share some thoughts on this because I haven’t really seen many posts like this.


  2. This articulated my exact same thoughts. I am gay and I was conversing with my boyfriend about pride month and what not and I told him that you’d more likely find me protesting a gay pride event rather than being a part of it. At one point I remember reading a post that stated if you voted for Trump you’re not gay and you support the ending of same sex marriage. That infuriated me that because I support someone you don’t you have the audacity to say I am not who I am? It’s a huge controversy that many good people fall victim of. My family didn’t accept me and I accepted it for what it is. I believe that so many like me would turn to the lgbt community and instead of running the risk of being rejected again they conform again. Thanks for such an amazing post.


  3. That people are sexual and show this to varying degrees in public doesn’t bother me, I really don’t care.
    That we as a community are a target market now and everything we do is manipulated by the rich fags that control everything and constantly lie to us, THAT is of far more of a concern to me than people being sexual versus people being prudish, which is just a false thing anyway, our sexuality is used by us against us all the time by rich fags in media.

    Funny they get us all to call one another “Queer”, but are so offended at “fag”. It’s what I am, fuck you, I’m not ashamed.


  4. It is June, 2021 and the world is on fire. I don’t care – be who you are without harming others.

    This article is so much more relevant today that when it was written and it is done so well!

    Why not change it from Pride to History? The past is rich with history, suffering and change. They don’t call February Black Pride month, it’s Black History month. So future generations don’t forget what those before them went through for you and them to have the freedoms you have and they will have.

    You cannot turn on the tv or see a movie these days without at least a token from the LGBT ‘community’ in a sexual act or behavior. (Same goes for rape although NOT comparing the two. Victims of rape and molestations often have PTSD. They have to look up weather it is in a tv show or movie when choosing something because of the horrible fear, anxiety and nightmares it causes – warnings only say sexually explicit if they say anything at all.)

    So for the reported 1% who are LGBT, why not have dedicated channels and ratings? Then those who don’t want to see it or are offended and disgusted by it can avoid it easily. And those who are LGBT won’t have to be subjected to straight people’s relationships in film. Win win. Parents who want to control if and when their kids are exposed to it – just like when they are ready for R instead of PG they can easily do so in this context.

    It seems today you cannot escape it. It is not only all over tv, movies and internet. It has crossed the lines from information, acceptance, etc to perversion and indoctrination. It has gone from asking people to accept and treat LGBTs equally to forcing you to and threatening your livelihood if you have different beliefs or ideals. Calling that difference of opinion and views hate or hate speech but those on the other side of it cry ‘free speech’ (only if it applies to them). It has crossed a line as children are being indoctrinated to questioning their own sexuality and believing they are trans or gay when they are just little kids and as they are trying to figure out every other aspect of who they are and where they fit in. It is at the point that people seem to be trying to destroy heterosexuality altogether.


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